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Three-Part Breath for Rejuvenation

An easy-to-incorporate breathwork exercise for R&R in just a few seconds

Breathing in a controlled, conscious way is one of the best ways to get off autopilot or times of over-oscillation. Three-part breath, also known as Dirgha Pranayama, yogic breath, and the complete breath, is an immediate way to bring calm to your nervous system and mind. In Sanskrit, dirgha translates to long as this easy practice is all about slowly filling your lungs to receive energy and life force on the inhale and letting go of things that no longer serve you on the exhale.

Find a comfy spot, lay down, and place one hand on your upper chest and the other hand on your belly. Gently close your eyes and observe your breath. There is no need to force the breath here, just let your breath have an even inflow and outflow.

From here, slowly inhale into your lower abdomen and pelvis as your hand rises. Then bring the inhale up to the area of your ribs and diaphragm, expanding the mid-section of your body. Next, take your inhale into the upper chest and shoulders and notice how your hand rises up as the inhale makes its way to this area.

For the exhale, slowly let your breath out in reverse order. Exhale from the upper chest, then take the exhale down through your diaphragm and ribs, and then exhale out fully at the last stop of your abdomen. Feel how you have created an instant reset in your body. You can repeat the three-part breath for a few more rounds at a slow pace that works for you. Pause as needed, and relax and heal as you get centered with this breathwork technique.

The breath is incredibly important to our homeostasis, mental health, and resilience. Stress, anxiety, and our fast-paced lifestyles don’t help us to breath deeper, so taking time on a regular basis to nourish your breath and yourself is key to feeling good and being. Let the breath be your guide to happiness and your inner heights, a powerful tool to heal and relax.

Learn more: Krystina Steffen is a Tampa meditation teacher and combines meditation, breathwork, and sound healing to help Inner Heights Meditation members with breakthroughs for their serenity, healing, creativity, and more. Connect with classes, workshops, and more at

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