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Learning Your Personal Primordial Sound Mantra

Updated: Nov 30, 2023

As you begin or deepen a meditation practice, there are certain methods that lead to higher levels of healing, insights, and serenity. Primordial Sound Meditation (PSM) is based on your time, day and location of birth, and you receive your mantra from teachers like myself who have studied in the Vedic lineage. This wisdom from 700 B.C. Indian vedic sages is timeless and your personal mantra is a vehicle to entrain the brain with the vibrational sonic frequency of your higher self.

When you use your personal primordial sound mantra, let it ebb and flow in you like a music lyric. Within a handful of deep-dive sessions, you learn the nuts and bolts of meditation to incorporate your mantra in an easy, effortless way. These Sanskrit sounds have a special pronunciation and rhythm that helps to create brain and nervous system synchronicity.

Om is the sound of creation, and when you begin your mantra with this word it takes you out to the universal, expanded level of consciousness. Then you’ll learn your bija, aka seed, sound that is based on your birthday. By practicing this part of your mantra, also known as your personal pranava or sound, your soul can emerge more easily. With the final sound of your mantra ending in namaha, you reach the level of the self that can create infinitely and then curve back within yourself to accept the insights.

Your personal primordial sound mantra can change over time, from being louder and more prominent to fainter and softer. Let it flow as it will change as every day is different. And when any thoughts come in or a sensation in your body throws you off track, just come back to the gentle in and outflow of your mantra. Paired with the breath, your mantra is a lifelong gift that helps you to stay rooted and be open to the greater good. Each mantra has its own energetic pattern and is aligned with higher prana, or energies, to nurture all aspects of your life.

Many students gravitate to primordial sound meditation as mantras are a vehicle to quiet the mind, especially with humans’ rate of 1.2 thoughts per second. With private instruction, you learn mantras not just for your birthday, but for your top three goals or concerns. With Sanskrit being a vibratory healing language, there are mantras for every facet of life so we’ll explore the areas where you’d like to focus. I incorporate affirmations, breathwork and meditation exercises so you have daily and weekly resources to deepen your self care practices.

As you meditate on a regular basis, your experience of the silence and stillness between thoughts expands and you connect more deeply to the infinite self that exists beyond your thoughts, stories, and personality. You experience a state of expanded awareness or pure consciousness that isn’t limited by past conditioning. You experience greater peace and become more open to new possibilities.

With PSM you learn soul questions that help you go further in meditation to receive insights on what really matters. You also go through the neti, neti process in which you slowly discard your identity and connect with more universal consciousness. The guided PSM session is finished by setting intentions for our body, heart, mind, and soul. When we honor these components of our being, we set the foundation for our consciousness to expand.

“The world at its essential core is a quantum soup of energy and information,” noted Deepak Chopra in The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success. “What you actually perceive is a selective act of your attention and interpretation.” By doing deep-dive sessions to learn your personal primordial sound mantra, you’ll kickstart your healing and transformation in bigger ways. As an example, here’s what you’ll learn and receive in private primordial sound meditation instruction with me:

  • how to develop a steady meditation practice

  • how your Sanskrit mantra is chosen

  • the software of the soul and antidotes to stress

  • the mechanics of meditation

  • your Sanskrit mantra for your time, date and location of birth

  • how to handle thoughts and experiences better in meditation

  • what to expect as you deepen your practice, including the higher states of consciousness

  • takeaways, pdfs, and meditation recordings

Many people like to connect in advance of taking personal primordial sound meditation instruction, so let me know how I can help answer any questions by email or over phone or Zoom/FaceTime. I am happy so many people are starting to see the benefits personally and professionally for meditation to bring them clarity and peace in their daily lives. The most benefits are seen post-meditation, so know that there is a nice cumulative effect when your practice expands to meditating more regularly on a weekly basis. Enjoy the journey ahead, meditation is a wonderful ally by your side.

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