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As the founder of Inner Heights Meditation, I am honored to be your guide as you connect with the powerful practice of meditation. Here you will learn a little bit about my life and why I am dedicated to serving the world on this creative journey. Inner Heights Meditation is based on the following pillars and within each area, my unique background brings an added benefit as you seek your best life.

Sports Performance

As a youngster, I ate, breathed and slept volleyball. From gymnasiums to beach courts, I couldn’t get enough of this team sport from my home base in San Antonio, Texas, and trained at elite facilities and played alongside the best in Texas. Were it not for finding out that I had an extra heart nerve, you might still find me spiking and blocking to my heart’s content. As I transitioned to other athletic forms of movement - cycling, hiking, yoga, tai chi, taekwondo, interval training - I also worked my way through college as a fitness trainer in San Francisco and will always be a lifelong athlete dedicated to health and well-being. The training strategies I learned, muscle tone that I built from nothing, and dedication to excellence now translates into an athletic mindset that I use to train top-tier athletes in the practice of meditation.

Corporate Solutions

For more than 20 years, I have traversed diverse industries such as innovation and startups, journalism and book publishing, global law firms, transportation and mobility, luxury goods, and real estate. I successfully climbed the ladder to management and thrive as a leader who champions her teams and always looks for ways to increase work/life balance. At the turning point of my corporate career, I worked weekends, nights and was tied to email, with the saving grace being my meditation practice. Whether I only had 5 minutes or a luxurious 20 minutes, meditation was my magical reset button. Post meditation, I was more productive, creative, better at problem solving, excelled at scaling my teams, and focused on what truly mattered. Whether your business has two employees or thousands across the globe, I know what it takes for your employees and business to reap dividends from investing in a meditation program.


Creativity Fuel

I grew up in a creative home where my mom and dad held the title of awesome design-build team. Creativity first blossomed in me as a writer of poetry, newspaper and magazine articles - including helping to pay my way through study abroad as I worked at Newsweek in London, England - and then transformed into my love of creating art collages from acrylic paint, computer parts and electronics, nature and other found objects. I enjoy throwing events where art, music, and yoga merge, and curating shows with emerging artists, and have had fun with events in San Francisco when I lived in SOMA and my current home base of Tampa Bay. As luck would have it, I also led the Creative and Marketing Communications Team at a global law firm and enjoyed the creativity that flowed every day as hundreds of requests would come in daily from 28 offices and 1,300 attorneys around the world. Some might not think of law firms as hotbeds of creativity, but under my helm every design and written element was handpicked for its sophistication, modernity, clean and minimalist traits. I know the artist’s struggles and triumphs firsthand and enjoy helping others find inspiration, transcending their focus and keeping fun alive in the creative trenches.


Wellness Warrior

I have been a health enthusiast all my life but a few health scares along the way have shown me how to rise above. I had to switch my mindset from why is this happening to me to what is this teaching me to find grace, joy, and meaning - even in the depths of down times where I can only rest and connect with meditation to find and love myself in deeper ways. The self-care strategies I have learned along the way are priceless gems that have transformed me into a humble warrior. Every day is transformed into a better one with meditation, and the practice has helped me improve my well-being and resilience.


Everyday Bliss

Over the decades, I have transformed from an overachiever meets perfectionist to one who focuses on what truly matters. Through meditation, I cultivate more serenity, creativity, and well-being. Students call on me for meditation and self care insights, and my experience in the creative and corporate worlds as well as sports and international background make me highly sought after for starting or deepening a meditation practice.


I am grateful for my teachers that have helped me on this journey, from Deepak Chopra and Roger Gabriel for teaching me primordial sound meditation, to Sharda Collard for conscious connected breathwork, to Joe Dispenza for quantum healing, Sadhguru for Isha yoga and Inner Engineering meditation, to the awesome yoga community in San Francisco and Tampa Bay.

Namaste #beyourownhero

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