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Art Scan Meditation: Surreal Tableaux from Olaf Hajek

Updated: Jan 16, 2021

Hajek's layers, deep colors, and a vibrant energy transport us to a serene landscape.

Art has a meditative quality to it all unto its own. When I start to think of the fall (a girl has to dream when living in Florida!), I think of layers, deep colors, art that one can get cozy with, and the whimsy of brisk days ahead. There is an energy, a buzz with new seasons coming on, new flora and fauna emerging as nature exhales after a steamy summer.

A few minutes with Olaf Hajek’s works of art will help you to arrive in a more colorful moment, inhaling the fresh landscape and all its jewels and mysteries. As you do what I call an “Art Scan Meditation,” you will explore every area of the canvas and note how the colors and combo of shapes and icons help you to arrive at a more happy and inspired state of being. Cheers to this artist for his surreal tableaux that takes us on an adventure.

"Olaf plays with motifs of flora and fauna, archaic symbols and current themes, working them all into his pieces in great detail and vibrant colour. African traditions, Indian temple art, South American folklore, and pop culture are all expressed in new ways."

Learn more: Krystina Steffen is a Tampa meditation teacher and combines meditation, breathwork, and creative exercises to help Inner Heights Meditation members with breakthroughs for their serenity, healing, creativity, and more. Connect with classes, workshops, and more at

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