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Welcome to Inner Heights Meditation and we are honored to be your guide as you connect with the powerful practice of meditation. Let’s dive in to help you create a daily meditation practice that will give you a lifetime of benefits. 


Whether you have 5 minutes to dedicate to meditation or can find 30 minutes two times a day, your wellbeing and happiness is a right that should never be taken away or compromised.


Through practical and easy-to-incorporate strategies, we are honored to give you the gift of meditation to help you on your journey to create your best life. We look forward to giving you the support, encouragement and practical guidance on your journey. Namaste from Inner Heights Meditation!


Meet Krystina


Health & Wellness Experience 

Certified Primordial Sound Meditation Instructor

Sustainable Living Advocate, Focus on People w/ Chronic Conditions

Sports Performance Background

Volleyball, Yoga, Tai Chi, Taekwondo, Interval Training, Long-Distance Hiking

Lifelong Athlete and Former Fitness Trainer in San Francisco, CA 

Creative Experience

Communications Manager, Content and Creative Direction, Journalist,

Collage Artist, Poetry Writer, and Music and Art Curator at Special Events,

Lived Abroad in England and Backpacked throughout Europe

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